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You know the feeling of excitement when you find that long lost treasure you've been hunting for months, or when you stumble upon the most amazing little shop, you had no idea existed??? That's what happens when you step into Raven Jute! 
These gems are hard to find, but once you find them, you can't wait to come back! Raven Jute is a boutique nestled in the heart of East Texas! The collections of gifts, apparel, funky treasures and vintage finds is constantly changing. 
The shop even has a new little surprise of its own, The Beauty Parlor, debuted in Febuary of 2017! 
Every little fabulous shop has a story all of its own, and we're no different! Raven Jute began its journey in September of 2013. It started out as burlap curtain company!!! Can you believe that?!? Haley and her sister, Lindsey Terry, launched Raven Jute by using burlap sacks, packaging them in jute bags, and providing instructions for the assembly of - No Sew - DIY - Curtains - with four styles to choose from! 
The first shop location was in The Arbors at Canton Trade Days! The Raven Jute name was born from the material they were using for the curtains, the Jute, and the fact that, if this new business plan was going to launch, God had to have a hand in it! Luke 12:24 says, "Look at the ravens. They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns, for God feeds them. And you are far more valuable to him than any birds!" 
Out of this dream, hard work, meticulous planning, and our faith, Raven Jute was born! While Lindsey stepped away from the business in December 2013, Haley pushed it to new heights in every imaginable direction!
After establishing a social media following and vast clientele as a regular Canton Vendor, Haley took that huge leap of faith and began the remodel for the retail location you know as Raven Jute! {{Interesting Fact: God had a hand in it again, the retail location is located right next door to Lindsey's shop, Tigerlillies!}} Talk about perfect planning! 
From the Canton Trades Day Market, to their Brick and Mortar location, and now all access on their newly launched website, www.ravenjute.com is ready for that next step in business growth!
Join their newsletter to stay up to date on all the fabulousness they're offering every day! Stroll in the shop to meet the owner, or rummage their old photos on social media to see where they started! It's been quite the journey and they can't wait to have you join them for what's next!

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